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09 May 2005

Ecarta: Transportation History

"The history of transportation is largely one of technological innovation. Advances in technology have allowed people to travel farther, explore more territory, and expand their influence over larger and larger areas. Even in ancient times, new tools such as foot coverings, skis, and snowshoes lengthened the distances that could be traveled. As new inventions and discoveries were applied to transportation problems, travel time decreased while the ability to move more and larger loads increased. Innovation continues today, and transportation researchers are working to find new ways to reduce costs and increase transportation efficiency."

[Sections: A. Animals and the Wheel; B. Water Transportation; C. Steam and Internal-Combustion Engines; D. Recent Trends]

Contributed By:
Michael D. Meyer, B.S.C.E., M.S.C.E., Ph.D., P.E.
Professor and Chair, School of Civil Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology.
"Transportation," Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2005

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