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06 December 2005

Caravansaries in Khorasan Road, Iran

During Safavid era a great number of caravansaries were built in Khorasan road. [...] All of these caravansaries were built on 4-verandas plan, which was the standard design for religious, public and domestic buildings at that time. [...]

A list of caravansaries in this road are as follows:

Turk Robat, Sar-poushideh Robat, Ribod Robat, Shouriab Robat, Dahneh Robat, Kolidar Robat, all were built along Khorasan road, between Shahroud and Neishabour.

There are 4 caravansaries between Tehran and Semnan, built in Safavid era: Ivaneh-Keif Caravansary, 60 Km east of Tehran
Deh Namak Caravansary, 120 Km east of Tehran, 4-verandas plan, 26 chambers
Lasjerd Caravansary, 160 Km east of Tehran, 4-verandas plan, 24 chambers
Semnan Caravansary, in Semnan City, 4-verandas plan

14 caravansaries between Semnan and Neishabour: [....]

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