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28 April 2006

Horses, Silver, and Cowries: Yunnan in Global Perspective

Bin Yang, "Horses, Silver, and Cowries: Yunnan in Global Perspective," Journal of World History September 2004

... This paper aims to demonstrate the global significance of Yunnan and to redraw the map of early Eurasian communication. While utilizing Chinese scholarship, I supplement Chinese scholars with non-Chinese sources to construct a more comprehensive picture of the Southwest Silk Road that in turn will add a new dimension to the Sino-foreign exchange and Eurasian communication. First, I will present a concise description of the road. Then, focusing on commercial items such as horses, silver, and cowries, I attempt to demonstrate the global importance of Yunnan by illustrating how Yunnan had shaped neighboring societies. Finally, the use of a world-system perspective will contribute to the ongoing world-system debates and add a new dimension to our understanding of Eurasian communications. ...

Yunnan trade routes
Map 2. The Southwest Silk Road in the Nanzhao-Dali Period (7th–mid 13th Century AD).

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