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31 August 2006

Pre-Modern Russia and the World

Pre-Modern Russia and the World: Honoring the Work of the Late Thomas S. Noonan"
The conference "Pre-Modern Russia and the World: A Symposium Honoring the Work of the Late Thomas S. Noonan" was held at the Givens Conference Center in Andersen Library on the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities West Bank Campus on November 2, 2002.

The conference was sponsored by the Department of History and the Center for Early Modern History at the University of Minnesota and was organized by Kathryn L. Reyerson, Theofanis Stavrou, and James D. Tracy. Additional support for the conference was provided by the Center for Medieval Studies.

This symposium featured the work of scholars from both sides of the Atlantic leading discussions on topics spanning several centuries and most of the Eurasian continent. Session topics ranged from Society and Culture in Pre-Modern Russia to The Movement of Goods and Ideas and Numismatics and Archeology/History.

* Olga Alexandropoulos, Researcher, Center for Medieval and Modern Greek Studies, Academy of Athens, "Tracing Old Paths with New Expectations: Greek Perceptions of Russian History in 17th-Century Muscovy"
* Thomas Allsen, Emeritus Professor of History, the College of New Jersey, "Falconry and the Exchange Networks of Medieval Eurasia"
* Peter B. Golden, Professor of History, Rutgers University, "The Khazar Sacral Kingship"
* Richard Hellie, Thomas E. Donnelley Professor of Russian History; Director, East European, Russian and Eurasian National Resource Center, The University of Chicago, "The Evolution of Muscovite Society at the End of the Middle Ages, the Fifteenth Century"
*Nikolai A. Makarov, Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow,
"Tradesmen in the Forest: Northern Periphery of Rus' in Medieval Trade Networks"
* Janet Martin, Professor of History, University of Miami, "Coins, Commerce, and Conceptualization of Kievan Rus'"
* Evgenij N. Nosov, Director, Institute for the History of Material Culture, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, "Numismatic Data, Medieval Trade Routes, and the First Towns in Northwestern Russia"
* Jonathan Shepard, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge, "Closer Encounters with the Byzantine World: The Rus at the Straits of Kerch"
* Anne Stalsberg, Associate Professor of Archaeology, Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology, "The Varangians and their Boats"
Also, 2 Ph.D. dissertations completed in 2002-2003
Dr. Debra Salata, History, "Sugar and Spices: the Trade of Guillelmus Basquese in Late Medieval Mediterranean Europe"

Dr. Roman Kovalev, History, "The Infrastructure of the Novgorodian Fur Trade in the Pre-Mongol Era (ca. 900- ca. 1240)"
Center for Medieval Studies, College of Liberal Arts
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455

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