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07 November 2006

"The Qinling Plank Roads to Shu" Project
07 Nov 2006 Asia Pacific Research Online, Canberra, Australia.

"'The Qinling Plank Roads to Shu' Project: Australia-China Cooperation to Enhance the Knowledge and Impacts of Historical Culture through 3S Technologies in the Hanzhong Area of Western China. [Contact:] Dr David L B Jupp, PO Box 3023, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia, Email:

This Australia-China Council (ACC) [] supported project will apply modern '3S' technology, i.e. Remote Sensing (usually from satellites), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the Global Positioning System (GPS) to help research into Qin, Han to Tang Dynasty 'Plank' Roads (= trestle roads built along sheer cliffs and steep sides of inaccessible mountain valleys) constructed in antiquity across the Qinling mountains for communications, interchange, trade and traffic between the present day Shaanxi and Sichuan regions of Central and Western China.

The Primary Objectives of the Project are: 1. To provide an introduction to 3S technology appropriate to historical and archaeological studies at a workshop on the Shu Roads in Hanzhong; 2. To promote interactions between Hanzhong Museum and similar Australian academic groups and Museums in applications of 3S technology to support preservation and conservation of historical relics and records and for the resolution of historical questions; 3. To promote the application of Australian experience in 3S technology, historical research, conservation and preservation of history, historical records and environment as well as tourism at the practical level needed in China. For an introduction to the Project plan see the PDF document (Warning: document size 588KB)."


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