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03 May 2008

[Electronic] Historical Atlas of South India
03 May 2008

[Electronic] Historical Atlas of South India

Institut Francais de Pondicherry / French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP), Pondicherry, India

"[...] The first phase [of the project - ed.] was completed early in 2005 and the outcome was a prototype for the Pudukkottai (Central Tamil Nadu) region, which works both from a CD-Rom and on the Internet. This work provided the team an opportunity to explore multidisciplinary approaches in research using IT&C, with History and Archaeology on one hand and GIS and Informatics on the other hand. The prototype CD-Rom has already been used to present the project at various seminars and workshops, and has also been sent to scholars who would be interested in working with us in the future phases. In the current phase of the project (starting from 2005 May onwards), we intend to extend the scope to the entire states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, as well as two pilot areas in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka [...]. The idea behind initiating the two new pilot areas is to prepare for the extension of the project area further north so that the entire South India could be covered during the subsequent phase. The primary source of data for Tamil Nadu will be contributed by the Department of Epigraphy and Archaeology, Tamil University, Thanjavur. [...]

[Web version of the prototype on Historical Atlas of South India] "The bulk of the basic materials comes from the epigraphic records (nearly 9,000) for the period from AD 600 to 1600. Archaeology provides resources for the pre-600 period. Literature is useful as a supplementary source. Besides these original sources, there are a few secondary works, particularly on art, which provide data for the maps. The photo collection of IFP provides also material for illustrations. Clicking next, you will now have an overview of the Atlas, but with information on Pudukottai area only."

Site contents:
* Time Line (Stone Age, New Stone Ahe, Iron Age [(Megalithic], Ancient History I [Sangam], Ancient History II [Pre-Pallava], Medieval I [Pallava], Medieval II [Chola], Medieval III [Vijayanagar]);
* Knowledge (Political, Cultural, Social, Economic);
* Team (Subbarayalu, Y. (French Institute of Pondicherry - IFP) - Project Co-ordinator, Rajan, K. (Tamil U., Thanjavur), Aloka Parasher Sen (Central U., Hyderabad), Rajan Gurukkal. P.M. (Mahatma Gandhi U., Kottayam), Kesavan Veluthat (Mangalore U.), Balasubramanian, D. (IFP), Frederic Borne (IFP));
* Sources [a bibliography over 90 books and articles in English - ed.]


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