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23 June 2010

Trade networks in the Inner-East-Southeast Asian borderlands

"Zomia" is a shorthand reference to the huge, massif  of mainland Southeast Asia, running from the Central Highlands of Vietnam westward all the way to northeastern India and including the southwest Chinese provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou, and western Guangxi.

Zomia is a geographical term [... for] the huge massif of mainland Southeast Asia that has historically been beyond the control of governments based in the population centers of the lowlands.

"Zomia and Beyond", a theme issue of the JOURNAL OF GLOBAL HISTORY,

* Across Zomia with merchants, monks, and musk: process geographies, trade networks, and the Inner-East-Southeast Asian borderlands
C. Patterson Giersch
Journal of Global History, Volume 5, Issue 02, July 2010, pp 215-239

* Borderlands and border narratives: a longitudinal study of challenges and opportunities for local traders shaped by the Sino-Vietnamese border
Sarah Turner
Journal of Global History, Volume 5, Issue 02, July 2010, pp 265-287

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