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14 September 2005

Transport Geography on the Web

The Geography of Transportation Networks.
Rodrigue, Jean-Paul and Claude Comtois. 1998-2007.
Dept. of Economics & Geography, Hofstra University.

Chapter 1 : Transportation and Geography
Chapter 2 : Transportation Systems and Networks
Network Structure;
Transport Networks and Transport Structures;
Centripetal and Centrifugal Networks;
Point-to-Point and Hub-and-Spoke Networks;
Detour Level in a Hub-and-Spoke Network;
Impacts of Integration Processes on Networks and Flows;
Cost, Revenue and Level of Network Coverage;
Transport Rates and Network Structure;
Cost Structure of Point-to-Point and Hub-and-Spoke Networks;
Topology of a Network;
Types of Network Topology;
Network Geometry and Number of Links;
Topology and Network Connectivity;
A Typology of Transportation Networks;
Modes of Territorial Occupation by Transport Networks;
Network Strategies to Service a Set of Locations;
Absolute and Relative Distance in a Network;
Networks and Spatial Continuity
Chapter 3 : Transportation Modes
Chapter 4 : Transportation Terminals
Chapter 5 : International and Regional Transportation
Chapter 6 : Urban Transportation
Chapter 7 : Economic and Spatial Structure of Transport Systems
Chapter 8 : Environmental Impacts of Transportation
Chapter 9 : Transportation Planning and Policies
Conclusion: Issues and Challenges in Transport Geography

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