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13 November 2005

DATASET: Venetian galley-operated trade routes 1400 CE-1530 CE

79 data points defining eight Venetian galley-operated trade routes across the Black Sea, Mediterranean and the Atlantic coasts of Spain, Portugal, England and Flanders. The eight trade routes are: (1) The unnamed backbone of maritime operations, the Adriatic route (Venice - Corfu and back) active till 1533; (2) 'Flanders' route (Corfu - Palermo - Lisbon - Bruges and back) active till 1533; (3) 'Aigues Mortes' route (Corfu - Palermo - Naples - Aigues Mortes - Valencia and back) active till 1508; (4) 'Barbary' route (Corfu - Syracuse - Tunis - Oran - Almeria and back) active till 1533; (5) 'al trafego' route (one-directional, Corfu - Syracuse - Tunis - Tripoli - Alexandria - Corfu) active approx. 1500?, (6) 'Alexandria' route (Corfu - Candia - Alexandria and back) active approx 1500?; (7) 'Beirut' route (Corfu - Candia - Rhodes - Beirut and back) active approx. 1500?; (8) 'Romania' and Black Sea route (Corfu - Negroponte - Constantinople - Tana and back) active till 1452]

An untitled map of the eight Venetian galley trade routes linking ports of the Black Sea, Mediterranean and of the European coasts of the Atlantic before the middle of the 15th century. The map is published on pp. 398, together with notes notes on pp. 398 and 404 in: Spufford, Peter. 2002. Power and Profit: The Merchant in Medieval Europe. London: Thames & Hudson.

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