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10 November 2005

Silk Road Chronology, 5000 BC-1900 AD

1 A.D.
Silk first seen in Rome.
Buddhism begins to spread from India into Central Asia.
Roman Syria develops the technique of blowing glass. The industry expands.
Kushan Empire of Central Asia. Sogdians trading on Silk Route.
Xiongnu raids upset Chinese power in Tarim region.
Death of Jesus Christ. Spread of Christianity begins.
Chinese General Pan Ch'ao defeats Xiongnu and keeps the peace in the Tarim Basin. The stability of the Silkroad popularizes the caravan trades into two routes - north and south.
China sends the first ambassador to Rome from Pan Ch'ao's command, but he fails to reach Rome.
Graeco-Egyptian geographer, Claudius Ptolemy, writes his Geography, attempts to map the Silkroad.

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