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06 June 2006

Logistics of Boat Travel

Information useful in working out logistical arrangements of small-scale traders travelling by light river boats is given in analyses of the 16 annual trips (1977-2003) of the DC3 sports group in the BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area) of northern Minnesota, US

The eight bar graphs on this page display various statistics pertaining to the annual DC3 trips. The red line on each represents a five year unweighted moving average.
* Total Distance - The total distance of the trip in miles, including portages. ( Dt )
* Portage Distance - The total length of all portages in rods. ( Dp )
* Portage Count - The total number of portages made. ( P )
* % On Land - Ratio of the distance portaged to the total distance. ( 100 * ( Dp / 320 ) / Dt )
* Activity Level - Ratio of the number of active days to the number of total days. ( 100 * Ya / Yt )
* Average Portage - The length of the average portage in rods. ( Dp / P )
* Average Day - The average distance in miles (including portages) traveled per active day. ( Dt / Ya )
* Difficulty - [a very useful Difficulty Factor algorithm - ed.]"

See also practical advice of the "Canoe Country Wilderness Canoeing" web site in their section on
Portage Techniques

One mile equals 320 rods [a rod = 16.5 feet, or about the length of a canoe)
(a) Single pack, double carry: [three trips across the portage]
(b) Double pack, single carry: [the portage is taken once rather than three times.]
(c) Portage-and-a-half: [portagers' idle time is minimized]
(d) Leapfrog [good method for long portages]:

As well as the DC3 skills list
* Camp Set Up: Hanging the Food Pack [to protect it from scavengers]; Water [treatment of it, to protect travellers
from infection]; The Kitchen; Other [placement of tents] and the section on
* Gear (the choice and management of: Canoes; Tents; Packs; Cookware; Sleeping Bags; Clothing; Gadgets; Other)

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