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16 November 2006

The Internet Archive copy of the "Ancient Route" site by Rod Baird

Until early March 2006 at:

A site devoted to exploring the ancient trade routes around the Mediterranean. Generally, we stay near the Mediterranean, which still covers a lot of area. The time covered is from about the beginning of writing until 400 AD [CE]. This covers the fall of the Roman Empire, the beginnings of Christianity, and up to but not including, the rise of Islam. Eventually, you will be able to follow a series of routes all the way around the Mediterranean. [...]

* King’s Highway - from Egypt across the Sinai, through Jordan into Syria,  through Damascus and Palmyra, ending at the Euphrates.
* Silk Road - the Silk Road from Baghdad to Kashmir, China. 
* Way of the Sea - through Palestine along the coast, cutting through Megiddo and on to Damascus, Syria.
* Royal Road - from Smyrna, through the  land of the Hittites, into Armenia, and ending at Babylon.
* Lower Road - a later version of the Royal Road, which began in Ephesus, went through  southern Turkey, into Syria , through Aleppo and ended at Babylon.
* Amber Road - begins in north Italy, goes through Yugoslavia to the Danube in Hungary.

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