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26 September 2007

The Roads of Pilgrimages between Central Asia and Hijaz

Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 20:47:32 -0400
Subject: CONF.- The Roads of Pilgrimages between Central Asia and Hijaz, Tashkent, 3-4 Oct

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CONF.- The Roads of Pilgrimages between Central Asia & Hijaz, Tashkent, 3-4 Oct

Posted by: Alexandre Papas (

The French Institute for Central Asian Studies (IFEAC),
in association with the Tashkent Islamic University, the Institute of
Oriental Studies Al-Biruni, the UNESCO and the CNRS,

is pleased to announce an international conference on:

The Roads of Pilgrimages (hajj, ziyarat) between Central Asia and Hijaz

October 3-4, 2007
Dedeman Hotel, Tashkent

Organized by Bakhtyar Babadjanov, Bayram Balci, Alexandre Papas &
Thierry Zarcone.

Conference Program:

October 3
Opening Session

Bahrom Abdukhalimov, State Advisor on Islamic Affairs

Soraya Karimova, Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies

Anna Paolini, UNESCO Representative in Uzbekistan

Rovshan Abdullaev, Rector of the Tashkent Islamic University

Bayram Balci, Director of IFEAC

Chair: Thierry Zarcone

Hamid Algar (University of California, Berkeley)
Central Asian Naqshbandis at the Haramayn

Necdet Tosun (Osh State University-Marmara University, Istanbul)
Hajj (Pilgrimage) from the Sufi Point of View

Masami Hamada (Kyoto University)
Imaginary Invitation to the pilgrimage

Alexandre Papas (CNRS, Paris)
Pilgrimage Roads and Mystical Paths: The Travels of a Qalandar Sufi,
Muhammad Zalili, from Yarkand to Mecca (17-18th-Century)

Afternoon Session

Chair: Elizaveta Nekrassova

Minoru Sawada (Toyama University, Japan)
Pilgrimage to Sacred Places in Taklamakan Desert: Mausoleums of Imams
in Khotan Province

Nadirbek Abdulakhatov (Ferghana Regional Museum, Ferghana)
"Sacred" Objects in the Mazars of Ferghana: Between Fetishism and Islam

Sharifa Toshova (Institute of Oriental Studies, Tashkent)
Haji of Central Asia: Itineraries and Impressions

Ashirbek Muminov (Institute of Oriental Studies, Almaty)
Isnad, Silsila, 'An'ana in Central Asia: New Aspects Appearing after
Hajj and Ziyara

Thierry Zarcone (CNRS, Paris)
The Zawiya al-Uzbakiyya at Jerusalem, a Central Asian Resting-House on
the Hajj Road

October 4
Morning Session

Chair: Ahatjan Hasanov

Lola Dodkhudaeva (Academy of Sciences, Tajikistan)
Hajj in Political Legitimization of the Rulers of Imperial Herat
(Kurts, Timurids)

Thomas Welsford (Oxford University)
Piety, Refuge and Dynastic Change: the Re-Opening of Iran to Central
Asian Pilgrim Traffic, 1600-1650

Omonullo Buriev (Institute of Oriental Studies, Tashkent)
Description of the Pilgrimage in Muntahab at-Tavorih by Khakimkhon Tura

Alfina Sibgatullina (Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow)
Tatar Hajjname

Shovosil Ziyodov (Institute of Oriental Studies, Tashkent)
Hadjnomalar (Hajj Stories): Lithographies Available in Tashkent

Afternoon Session

Chair: Alexandre Papas

Naima Neflyasheva (Center for Civilization and Regional Studies at the
Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)
Hajj from Russian Empire as a Frontier Situation

Bakhtyar Babadjanov (Institute of Oriental Studies, Tashkent)
Ziyarat to Mazars as a Form of Islamic Practice in the Soviet Era

Stephane A. Dudoignon (CNRS, Paris)
Globalised Pilgrimage? Hajj in Post Soviet Central Asia: Individual
Narratives and Collective Practices

Vladimir Bobrovnikov (Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow)
Al-Hajj and al-Ziyara in Making (Post-)Soviet Muslims: a Comparative
Study of the Cases of Daghestan and Uzbekistan

Abdulhakim Jozjoni (Islamic University, Tashkent)
The Question of Taliban and Ziyarat in Afghanistan

The conference is open to the public and free of charge.
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