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20 September 2007

Trade and Trade Routes in Southern Latium in Late Antiquity

Title: Trade and Trade Routes in Southern Latium in Late Antiquity
Author(s): CORSI, Cristina
Journal: BABesch - Bulletin Antieke Beschaving
Volume: 82    Issue: 1   Date: 2007   
Pages: 247-256
DOI: 10.2143/BAB.82.1.2020774

Abstract :
Thanks to the research activities to prepare the Archaeological Map of an area included in the modern province of Frosinone (Southern Lazio), it is now possible to delineate the distributions of commercial goods and technical know-how, as well as the routes and itineraries of their circulation, during the poorly documented period between the end of Antiquity and the beginning of Carolingian power in Italy.
The transformations in this region during Late Antiquity can be studied via a number of approaches. It is necessary to evaluate the character of acculturation in the areas conquered by the Lombards, and trace the forms of continuity of occupation in urban centres that remained under the political influence of the Byzantines.

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