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06 March 2007

Sustaining the Empire: War, the Navy and the Contractor State
What did the sailors eat?
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK

The official WEEKLY scale of provisions to be supplied was:

Biscuits 7 lb/person
Beer 7 Gallons
Beef 4 lb
Pork 2 lb
Pease 2 Pint
Oatmeal 3 Pint
Butter 6 oz
Cheese 12 oz
"... various substitutes could be issued when any of the main foods were not available.  For example, chickpeas or lentils were issued in place of pease in the eastern Mediterranean or in India; sugar could be used instead of oatmeal, butter or cheese, and outside home waters the daily gallon of beer was replaced by a pint of wine or half a pint of spirits. Each man was also allowed half a pint of vinegar a week."

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