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22 January 2007

Caravan routes from Dahistan to Merv and Urgench 900 CE-1300 CE.

Iran and Eastern Turkmenistan: medieval trade routes

22 Jan 2007

Old World Trade Routes (OWTRAD) Project, Asia Pacific Research Online, Canberra, Australia.

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"Ciolek, T. Matthew. 2007. Georeferenced data set (Series 1 - Routes): Caravan routes from Dahistan to Merv and Urgench 900 CE-1300 CE. OWTRAD Dromographic Digital Data Archives (ODDDA). Old World Trade Routes (OWTRAD) Project. Canberra: - Asia Pacific Research Online.

97 data points defining medieval caravan routes in Iran and Eastern Turkmenistan

This document comprises a georeferenced data set belonging to the Old World Trade Routes (OWTRAD) project. It can be used for historical research (e.g. validation of some set of facts); analyses of distances/ travel times/ modes of travel/ cargo moved along particular transportation corridors; the construction of an electronic map, or GIS model of the movement/ transport/ communication circuits in a given area and time-period.

Source: Buryakov, Y.F. et al. 1999a. Great Silk Road Cities and Routes in the Territory of Turkmenistan. pp. 12-31 (esp. draft map 'Cities on the caravan ways from Dakhistan to Merv: Scheme', scale approx 1:14.5M, p. 12; draft map 'Road from Merv to Khorezm and Amul: Scheme', scale approx 1:5.5M, p. 22; draft map 'The Way from Merv to Amul', scale approx 1:1.32M, p. 26). In: Buryakov, Y.F., Baipakov K.M., Tashbayeva, Kh., and Yakubov, Y. 1999. The Cities and Routes of the Great Silk Road (on Central Asia Documents.) Tashkent: International Institute for Central Asian Studies / Sharg. - tmc"


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