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18 January 2007

Tian-yai postal relay station, Guang-dong, 1416

Southeast Asia in the Ming Shi-lu

(14 Jun 1416)

The Ying-guo Duke Zhang Fu, regional commander of Jiao-zhi, advised: "Travelling from the Tian-yai postal relay station in Qin Subprefecture, Guang-dong, one can go from Mao-wei Port to Yong-lun and Fo-tao, and then after passing through Wan-ning County, one will arrive in Jiao-zhi. This journey can mainly be travelled by water and only 291 li has to be traversed overland. This route is seven postal relay stations shorter than the old route through Qiu-wen. We should establish river and horse postal relay stations to facilitate movement to and fro." This was approved. Thus, in Guang-dong, the following were established: The Fang-cheng and Fo-tao Postal Relay River Stations, the Ning-yue and Yong-lun Transport Offices and the Fo-tao Police Office, all in Qin Subprefecture; and the Long-men and An-qian Postal Relay Horse Stations and the An-he and Ge-mu Transport Offices in Ling-shan County. In Jiao-zhi, the following were established: The Tong-an Postal Relay River Station and the Tong-an Transport Office in Jing-an Subprefecture; the Wan-ning Postal Relay River Station and the Wan-ning Transport Office in Wan-ning County; three postal relay river stations at Xin-an in Xin-an County, An-he in An-he County and Dong-chao in Dong-chao Subprefecture; the Ping-tan Postal Relay River Station and Ping-tan Transport Office in Zhi-ling County; and the Ci-shan postal relay river station in Ci-shan County. The Jia-lin Postal Relay Horse Station and the Lu River Postal Relay Horse Station in Jiao-zhou, as well as the Tian-yai Postal Relay Horse Station in Qin Subprefecture, Guang-dong were all changed to postal relay river stations. The postal relay river station at Zhou-men in Heng Subprefecture, Guang-xi was placed under the jurisdiction of Nan-ning Prefecture. In Jiao-zhi, the Xin-an Independent Battalion was established.

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