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21 October 2007

Journal : Purabhilekh-Puratatva, Goa, India

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Journal : Purabhilekh-Puratatva
Editor: Dr. P. P. Shorodkar. A journal published by Directorate of Archives, Archaeology & Museum, Panaji, Goa.

Vol-1: Number-1: July-Dec: 1983: Luso-British relations (Documents) 1793-1794, Portuguese Palaeography, British Cemetery in Goa, by Dr. P. P. Shirodkar, Old Inscription Discovered. Etc. Panaji, Goa, 1983, Royal Size, pp 145, with plates.

Vol-2: Number-1: Jan-June: 1984: (Socio-religious impact on Portuguese on Karnataka, by Dr. B. S. Sastry, Portuguese horse tradeby, the concept of trade and commerce during Portuguese regime, Portuguese paleography, Luso-British relations (documents) Modi-Marathi Documents, Ganesh festivals in Goa of the past, by Carmo Azevedo, etc. Pp 130, with tables, many illustrations. Plates.

Vol-2: Number-2: July-Dec: 1984: (Luso-British relations documents, Portuguese paleography, King of Tanur & the Portuguese, A 17th Century Portuguese proconsul,
Hugli under Portuguese prior to its destruction by Shah Jehan, by A. P. Fernandes, The Immaculate conception church in Panjim, by Dr. Carmo Azevedo, etc. royal size. pp 148, with illustrations.

Vol-3: No: 1, Jan-June: 1985: (Two documents on the voyage of the Galleon Sao Pantaleao in the Carreira Da India, 1592-93, by C. R. Boxer. , Daman Port & Shipyards: 1800-1875, by Carlos Xavier, Slavery in Coastal India: with reference to Goa, Daman & Diu, Portuguese Paleography, Luso British Relations (documents), Museum at Old Goa-a glimpse, some archaeological discoveries in Due, by Narayan Vyas, new notes, book reviews, etc. pp 150, with plates,

Vol-4: No: 1, Jan-June: 1986; (Goa Inquisition-a new light on first 100 years (1561-1660). Luso-British Relations, (documents), A Rare Sculpture of Vishnu in Old Goa-Musuem, By Dr, P. R. K. Prasad, Tambi Surla Temple, etc, book revews, new notes, local History seminar, etc. pp 114, with many plates, plans, churches photographs, rebopund. royal size.

Vol-4: No: 2: July-Dec: 1986: (Indian Shipping & Maritime power of the Portuguese in 17th & 18th centuries, by Dr. S. K. Mathew, CLH Blitzkrieg in Mormugao Harbour: World War II, Luso British Relations, Portuguese paleography, historic port of TereKhol, reis magos church of Verem, Rare Find of Images, etc. pp 110, with plates, tables,

Vol-5: No: 1: Jan-June: 1987: (Goa: Past & Present. By K. S. Mathew, State Reforms in 17th Century Goa, World War II Historic Exchange of POWs in Mormugao, Lusu British Relations, Portuguese Paleography, Modi Marathi Documents, Conception Church Of Moira, Book Reviews, new Notes) Royal Size, pp 101, with illustrations.

Vol-5: No: 2: July-Dec: 1987 Nobility in Gujarat Sultanate & Portuguese during 16th Century, by Prof: K. S. Mathew, Mateus de Castro -A Rebel, by Dr. P. Kamat, Gentilism of Asia ! through Portuguse eyes, by Dr. P. P. Shirodkar, Piedade! Church at Divar, Archives week Exhibition Photographic Exhibition, etc. pp 108, with plates, rebound.

Vol-6: Number-2: July-Dec: 1988: (Cochin & Maritime Trade of India During 16th Century, A India Revolta, Portuguese Paleography, Gentilism of Asia, Through Portuguese Eyes, Archives Week Ehibition, etc. pp 108, with plates. Rebound.

Vol-7: No: 1: Jan-June: 1989: Socio-Economic History of Medieval S. India & Portuguese Historians, Indian Trade in 16th Century: French Challenge to Portuguese, A light on the Portuguese Document in code language, Portuguese paleography, modi-marathi documents, !Mae De Deus! Church of Saligao, Mother Goddess: A great Leap From Curdi to Verna, etc. pp 100, with plates,

Vol-7: No: 2: July-Dec: 1989: Luso-Chinese ties vis-a-vis Macau & its Archives, by Isau Santos, Transport system of Goa in the Past, Foral de Salcete , Potuguese Paleography, Modi-Maratha Documents, The Cathedral See, etc, Book Reviews, notes & New, pp 114, with many plates, figures.

Vol-8: No: 1: Jan-June: 1990: Special Issue India & Brazil: (Brazil's colonial administration as reflected in Goa Archives, At the Dusk of the Second Empire: Goa-Brazil Commercial Links: 1770-1826, by Celsa Pinto, Colonial Brazil and Goa: Visible and Invisible links, Goa and Brazil : Economic Ties (1700-1750 A. D. by Dr. B. S. Sastry, A Brazilian consular agent in Goa 19th Century, Indo-Brazilian Source material in Goa Historical Survey) royal size. pp 135, with many plates, photographs,

Vol-8: No: 2: July-Dec: 1990: (China & Portugal centuries old Interaction, by Dr. P. P. Shirodkar, Kannada document preserved in Goa Archives, Portuguese Paleography,
Modi-Marathi Documents, Holy Church & Convent of Franciscans, Preservation Conser-vation of Manuscripts & Books) etc. Book Reviews, news & Notes, Royal Size.
Pp 108, with plates.

Vol-9: No: 1, Jan-June: 1991: (Trade & Navigation in the Indian Ocean under the Portuguese & Akbar, Reconstruction of Saptakotishwar Temples by Shivaji-a new light, The church of clovale, preservation of old textiles, modi maratha documents, list of scholars) royal size, pp 110, with plates.

Vol-9: No: 2: July-Dec: 1991: Pulical based shipping & Trade (A. D. 1500-1530) Foral de Salcete, Portuguese paleography, modi-marathi documents, the extinct fortress of Gaspar Dias, conservation of wooden art objects, statement on scholars (1987-90) etc. royal size, pp 80, with tables, maps, plates,

Vol-10: No: 1: Jan-June: 1992: (Indian & Chinese control of the Portuguese eastern Empire (1770-1850), by Rudy Bauss. Socio-cultural interaction : Goas in Mozambique, Sao Paulo Dos Arcoss, etc. pp 108, vi, with plates, photographs.

Vol-10: No: 2: July-Dec: 1992: (Portuguese Commercial; enterprise at the port of Kilakkarai & establishment of trading settlement at Vedalai on Tamilnadu Coast, Commerces & Capitalism Model for Dutch in Malabar, Modi-Marathi Documents, Portuguese Palaeography, Foral De Salcete, Christians & Spices in Monsoon Asia, etc) pp 81, with plates,

New Series:
Volume -1: No: 2: July-Dec: 2000: Editor: Dr. S. K. Mhamai, (Portuguese presence in Mozambique during colonial era, conservation of Reis Magos Church: A Report, Portuguese paleography, other important activites, new & notes, etc. ) pp 92, with plates, colour photographs.

Vol-2: No: 1: Jan-June: 2001: (Indo-Portuguese Relations: Problems & Prospects, by Dr. B. Krishnamurthy, Indo-Portuguese Commerce & the Tesouraria Geral De Goa (1780-1840), study of watermarks on old documents in Goaarchives, Portuguese Paleography, etc. pp 70, with colour plates.

Vol-2: No: 2: July-Dec: 2001: (Syncretic Shati Pitha-the image of the Divine feminine as Santeri-Shantadurga-Saibin in Goa, by Pratima Kamal, The Paintings of Velha Goa 1538-1700, the formation of an Indo-European Legacy, Foral De Salcete, Portuguese Paleography, Marathi Documents, Few Observations on Cochin Museum Copper Plate, Pp 112, letters, colour plates.

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