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28 September 2007

Historic Trade Routes of Tibet

The map [3] shows the historic trade routes from the time of the Tibetan Empire at its zenith to modern times. These routes can be broadly grouped as shown below.

1. The eastern route via Tachienlu to China.
2. The northeastern route via Koko Nor to China, the Turks and Siberia.
3. The northwestern route via Ladakh: to Khotan, Kaskgar, Kucha and trans-Oxania: to Bokhara and Samarkand.
4. The trans-Himalayan routes: to Ladakh, Kashmir, Indian States, Nepal, Sikkim, Cooch Behar, Bhutan, Assam.[4]

[3.] Lamb, A., "British and Chinese Central Asia", 1960, Map adapted from Sketch Map, p. 3.
[4.] Beckwith, C.I., "The Tibetan Empire in Central Asia", Princeton University Press, Princeton, 1987, p 103.

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