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16 February 2008

Amber Routes

Amber trade routes
Amber trade routes: 1 - Border of Roman Empire; 2 - Route of the early bronze age; 3 - Route of the middle bronze age; 4 - Sea route; 5 - "Amber route"; 6 - Routes of the East.
(By: Michelbertas, 1963)

"Amber, obtained in major excavation centres in Jutland and on eastern Baltic Coast began to spread in central Europe reaching even Egypt. Baltic amber beads were found in 3400-2400 BC pharaoh tombs in Tethys pyramid. German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann who in 1871-1890 excavated Troy in addition to other artefacts found amber beads. Scientists established that they were made from amber that had been brought from the Baltic Coast in 3000 BC. This archaeologist has found Baltic amber also in cupola tombs of Mycenaean culture built on Crete Island in 1600-800 BC."

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