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16 September 2008

Historic Camel Photos

  • Historic Camel Photos - China, Mongolia and India (, US)
    [* 1902 The Nankow Pass. A small camel train and some donkeys from Mongolia enroute to Peking, passing through the Pa-ta-ling Gatway of the Great Wall of China. * 1880's A Bactrian camel pulling a supply sled. * 1901 Camel Square in Peking, China. * 1908 Along the Great Wall in Peking, a pack train of Bactrian camels. * 1907 Bactrian pack camels hailing the loads along the Great China Wall. * 1932 Bactrian camels packing supplies in Peking China, along the Great China Wall. * A Caravan of large Bactrian camels packing goods outside the City Walls of Peiping, China. * 1900's Bactrian camel Caravan. * 1890's Pack trian of Bactrian camels. * 1912 India, Two camels pulling a old Indian camel wagon. * 1908 India, two camels pulling a dubble decker wagon. * Jalpur, India. Camel adorned with tassels. * 1897 India, The Lieutenant Governor's Camel Carriage, Bengal. * Indian, Early 1900's. Camel transport. Indian Ferry, Mooltan. * 1918 Peking, Lastkamele. A small caravan of Bactrian camels. * Early 1900's Smyrne - Caravane de Chameaux.]

  • Historic Camel Photos - Central Asia and Russia (, US)
    [* Pre. 1917 Camels on the Tashkent road pulling a wagon full of wagon wheels. * Village Douranlar, Working Camels . * 1916 Russian: "Tashkent. Street in the old city." Bactrian camel with pack saddle. * Bactrian camel. * Pre. 1917, Orenburg, village life. * Pre. 1917, Orenburg, Kirgiz water carriers. * 1930 Kazakh man riding a Bactrian camel. * Pre. 1917 Kirgiz man riding a Bactrian camel, Margelan area. * Bactrian Camel Caravan, . * Pre. 1917 Turkestan Types. * Pre. 1930 Orenburg, RPh, Bactrian camels pulling wagons. * 1916 Russia Central Asia. Bactrian pack camels. * Old Russia, Caucasus camels in Pyatigorsk. Mt. Beshtau in the background. * 1928 Russia, F-2 Hybrid Bactrian camels in the Moscow Zoo. * Constantinople, Turkey. * A dromedary camel caravan camped at the gates of old Damascus, Syria. * 1897 A caravan of camels on the lower road to Bethan, SE from Jerusalem, Palestine.]

  • Historic Camel Photos - Middle East Camels (, US)
    [* Cairo, dromedary camels with packs crossing the Kasr en-Nil Bridge. * 1890's Camels and horses resting outside the Wall of David. * 1907 Donkey and camels. * Camel pulling a water cart. * Nomadic tribal camel men. * 1904 The Dead Sea, a train of dromedary camels. * Suez Canal, pack camels loaded onto a barge. * Sahara, Algeria. Camel caravan. * Egypt 1880, A train of camels crossing a floating bridge. * 1880's Egypt, Suez, Moses Wells. * 1907 Egypt, Exposition Coloniale 1907. * 1896 Cairo, Egypt. Palanquin carried between two camels. * 1911 Egypt. Camel marriage procession. * Egypt, 2 dromedary camels pulling a stage coach. * 1905 Jerusalem. * 1905 Camel loaded down with the people. * 1870s Egypt. * Camel market. * 1890's Large camel caravan. * Camel races.]

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