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15 January 2009

The Great [China-Russia 19th c.] Tea Route

Great [China-Russia] Tea Route
15 Jan 2009

The Great [China-Russia] Tea Route, Ulan-ude, Republic of Buryatia, Russia.

Self-description: "The project 'Great Tea Route' aims to use the rich
cultural and historical heritage of the vast territory of Eurasia,
associated with the [bygone] era of the trade routes for tourism
development, [...]."

Site contents:
* Events (Baikal meeting of the project, The Fifth International
Tourism Forum, Business meeting of the project participants in the
Perm region, 2009); * Documents [on tourism development]; * On the Tea
Route (History, Geography [incl. a map of the 19th c. Asia's tea
routes at], Sights,
Bibliography [96 articles and books, all in Russian - ed.]); * News
(Shooting a video on the Great Tea Route, The proposal for tourist-
member project). * Contacts. * Great Way of Tea (The Development Phase
of the project); * Participation in the project (Organizing Committee
Participants); * Plans (The plan of action for 2008, The plan of
action for 2009); * Tours (Tours of Buryatia, Tours in Russia); * All
about tea

[A site exclusively in Russian. Can be translated into other languages
via or other online tools - ed.]


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time of this abstract]

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