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05 July 2010

Strabo Route as a Part of the Great Silk Road

Proceedings of the International conference Baku, November 28-29, 2008,
[International Institute for Central Asian Studies - IICAS], Samarkand-Tashkent 2009.
This compilation presents the proceedings of an international academic conference entitled 'The Strabo Route as a Part of the Great Silk Road', which took place in Baku on 28-29 November 2008. The conference was launched at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences as a part of a larger international project aimed at complex studies of the issues related to the functioning of the first transcontinental trade route in the history of the world.
* Alimova Dilorom, Rtveladze Edward, Abdurasulov Ulfat (Uzbekistan)
Central Asia-Transcaucasia-Rome: of the significance of the Amudarya water route via the Caspian sea to Transcaucasia
* Farda Asadov (Azerbaijan)
The Rus' on the Caspian Sea and on the Great Silk Road in the middle of 9th - beginning of 10th century
* Ilyas Babayev (Azerbaijan)
Archaeological traces of the Great Silk Road in Azerbaijan
* Murtazali Gadjiyev (Russia, Dagestan)
Strabo on the caravan trade of the Aorses
* Qoshqar Qoshqarli (Azerbaijan)
Strabo Route studies in Azerbaijan
* Omar Davudov (Russia, Dagestan)
The Caspian inshore trade routes and archaeological materials
* Vilayat Kerimov (Azerbaijan)
Architectural monuments of the north-west province of Caucasian Albania on the Great Silk Road
* Sergey Klyashtorniy (Russia)
The Road to Serindia: The itinerary of Strabo-Apollodorus and the Periplus of the Southern Seas
* Rauf Melikov (Azerbaijan)
On the participation of the tribes of ancient Azerbaijan in international trade
* Irada Najafova (Azerbaijan)
Strabo on the role of the Caspian Sea in international trade
* Marek Jan, Olbrycht (Poland)
Strabo and the mysterious Ochos - rivers of Central Asia and northeastern Iran in antiquity
* Shakir Pidayev (Uzbekistan)
Commercial and cultural connections of Bactria-Tokharistan with Khorezm (Antiquity and Middle Ages)
* Claude Rapin (France)
Strabo on the trade route from India to the Pont Sea:
Between the mirage of cartography and the reality of archaeology
* Maya Rasulova (Azerbaijan)
Numismatic information about the Transcaucasian arterial route
* Sevda Suleymanova (Azerbaijan)
"The Caspian Gates" in the Albanian province of Lpinia
* Yusuf Yakubov (Tajikistan)
Strabo on the rocks of Sogdia and Bactria during the time of Alexander of Macedonia's invasion

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