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26 October 2007

Trade routes and mines in N Vietnam, c. 1770

Extracts from a historical book by Le Quy Don, first published in the mid 1700's
"Kien van tieu luc" [Small Collection of Things Seen and Heard], Hanoi: Su Hoc Press, 1962.

The Black River has 83 famous rapids and falls with the Van Bo is the most dangerous.

Hung Hoa province

chau Mai-Son

Chau Mai-Son: 3 dong, produce copper and shi2 lu4 (thach luc). Chinese mined here and paid tax.
chau Son-la

p.364: Chau Son-la: there was a gold mine of Yet-ong in Dong Hieu-te, produced gold. Chinese opened the mine here and paid tax.
chau Chieu-tan

p.365: Chau Chieu-tan, there is a gold mine in Muong Khoa, village Nguyen Than, with a tax of 5 lang (10 quan) paid to the officer. They also had to pay taxes at two places [as Lai Chau], one in the local place and the other in Kien Thuy county in China. People have nowhere to complain. Muong trinh - Dien chien are on the edges of Chieu tan and Quang lang (Guang Ling district), there is a trade route to the countries of Lao-Lung and Bon Man, many Chinese are busy bringing out elephant tusks, rhinoceros horn, pilose antler and cinnamon.

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