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09 May 2006

Ancient Tea-Horse Road

tea-horse trade routes

Ancient Tea-Horse Road
Beijing Portal 2004-07-01

For thousands of years, [... a]long the unpaved and often rugged road, tea, salt and sugar flowed into Tibet, while horses, cows, furs, musk and other local products came out. The ancient commercial passage, dubbed the "Ancient Tea-Horse Road", first appeared during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and lasted until the 1960s when Tibetan highways were constructed.[...]

Six major routes [...]
Route One:
Begins in Xishuangbanna and Simao, home of Pu-erh tea via Kunming to other Province in China into Beijing.

Route Two:
Begins in Pu-erh (via Simao, Jinhong, Menghai to Daluo) in Yunnan Province into Burma, then from Burma into Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hongkong.

Route Three:
Begins in Pu-erh via Xiaguan, Lijiang, Zhongdian into Tibet, then from Lhasa into Nepal and India.

Route Four:
Begins in Pu-erh via Jiangcheng in Yunnan into Vietman, then from Vietman into Tibet and Europe.

Route Five:
Begins in Pu-erh via Simao, Lanchang, Meilian in Yunnan into Burma.

Route Six:
Begins in Pu-erh via Meila in Yunnan into Burma.

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